What Sets Us Apart

Your Success is Our Goal

We want you to look like an all star to your customers and collegues by developing products that exceed your expectations.

Detail Oriented

We don't ever cut corners. We follow long-establised coding conventions and procedures to ensure the highest standards.

Professionalism & Responsiveness

Our top notch support staff are here and happy ot help, whenever you need them.

Our Mission

Our aim is to develop software that puts a smile on your face. We’ve been making software for our friends since 2001, niche products that meet unique needs and boost productivity. Through every step of the process, we consider what will make your experience more enjoyable and your business more productive. It’s not just a job for us, it’s art. When software’s built by a devoted group of people who enjoy their craft and genuinely care about your business, it shows. We invite you to experience the AppleButter difference.

Our Products

  • Venga is the solution for improved communication and better patient flow within your practice. It is the most powerful and feature-rich intra-office communicator available. Venga simplifies your life by using unique colors and sounds to communicate routine messages.

  • NexTime is time and attendance logging made simple. Use your fingerprint to clock in and out - no swipe cards or key fobs to forget. It’s everything you need to collect employee hours and because it uses biometrics for identification, it promotes total truth in timekeeping.

Our Focus

In today’s world, every business needs efficient software to meet or exceed its business goals. Developing software from scratch can be a very long and costly process. We develop products that make devoping software from scratch unnecessary because we listen to our customers. Our products meet our customers' needs out of the box.


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Matt President & Lead Developer

Matt is the founder and president of AppleButter Software, and is the primary architect and developer of both Venga and NexTime. He lives a quiet life in rural southeastern MN, tending to his herd (fold) of Scottish Highland cattle, fixing old farm equipment, and writing code.

Tim Customer Support & Marketing

Tim handles our customer service and technical support requests. He's the friendly voice that you will speak with when you call for help. Outside of his work at Applebutter, he enjoys playing the piano, teaching and mentoring, playing with his golden retriever, and can almost always be found learning something new.

Katie Sales and Social Media

Katie onboards our new customers and provides customer support. Well known for her pleasant, friendly personality, she will guide you, from the beginning to the end of the sales process and beyond. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her nieces and nephew, collects books, and enjoys learning a variety of new things, such as languages, Earth sciences, and folklore.


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